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Arboles (Trees)

A new work by Jhoely Triana

The work entitled “Arboles (Trees)” explores the metaphor of trees, how we can find strength from our roots, persevere through hard times and reach out towards community for hope.


The aim of this work is to create dialogue about our lived experiences with our community and spread the seeds of empathy and compassion.


By bringing the work outdoors, into public spaces of an urbanized landscape, I invite the audience into the universal language of emotion, and connect with them through flamenco to share themes of hardship, perseverance and determination.


Technical Requirements

Low Tech Requirements

Live Music: 

1 singer, 1 guitarist, 1 percussionist, 1 dancer.

Amplified sound

Shure SM57 or SM58 mics -3

Mic stand - 3

Monitor -2 

PA regular with 2 speakers - 3 inputs

Chairs - 3

Portable wooden dance floor provided by Jhoely Triana

Looking to explore different wooden dance surfaces such as boardwalks, docks, tree stumps and stages.


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