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Arboles (Trees)

A new work by Jhoely Triana

How can we find strength from our roots, persevere through hard times and reach out towards community for hope?  Drawing on the metaphor of trees, “Arboles (Trees)”, invites the audience into the universal language of emotion. Choreographed by Jhoely Triana, the 40-minute, site-responsive performance connects with audiences through flamenco music and dance to share themes of hardship, perseverance and determination. Featuring live music and the signature Bata de Cola skirt - and set among actual trees - the work creates dialogue about our lived experiences with our community and spreads the seeds of empathy and compassion.


Details of the Work

Choreographer: Jhoely Triana


Performers: Jhoely Triana, Maria Avila, Peter Mole, Matteo Sampaolo


Year of creation: 2023

Length of work: 40 minutes

Preparation time required on site: 60 minutes


Technical requirements required on-site, briefly: Sound Tech (setting up sound equipment and check sound levels) PA with it’s own energy or near electrical outlet 2 speakers and and speaker tripods 2 monitor for musicians to hear themselves 2 - Shure SM57 mic 1 - Shure SM58 mic 3 - mic stands 3 chairs


Space required (specify size of area and floor type ): Different wooden dance surfaces such as boardwalks, docks, tree stumps and outdoor stages. Performance space – About 12’ deep and 20’ wide Company will provide a portable dance board. 4',6" X 9'


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