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Las Mujeronas

A new work-in-progress by Jhoely Triana

Las Mujeronas [loss moo hair OWN us]. We are fierce, confident, trail-blazing women moving through struggles, rebuilding our lives, finding our voices and creating our identities, dreams and passions. This work features Flamenco Latinas in Canada exploring our immigrant identities and connecting to our home cultures through the art form of flamenco. Using flamenco elements, such as the song forms of Ida y Vuelta ([EEda e voo-ELlta] “going and coming”), which embody the intercultural influences of the Americas on flamenco, we explore how migration influences our lives. Las Mujeronas incorporates flamenco dance, poetry, singing and storytelling. At the end, we invite the audience to join us in a fun, follow-the-leader-style rumba flamenca song that becomes a community dance party. Hang out, watch the performance and at the end, you can have some fun too!


Details of the Work

Choreographer: Jhoely Triana


Performers: Jhoely Triana, Desiree Carlson Sanroman, Rosa Celis, Marcela Lopez


Year of creation: 2024

Current length of work: 15 minutes

Preparation time required on site: 60 minutes


Technical requirements required on-site, briefly: Audio Sound system to play audio file.  The company has a portable blue tooth speaker available if there is not sound system.


Space required (specify size of area and floor type ): Approx 10' by 10' flat surface.  The company will provide a portable dance board. 9" X 9'


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